On its Away Day held on 25th February 2006 at Hollins Hall Marriott Hotel and Country Club, CRC Bradford dreamed and stated in its five year strategic plan that “a Pan-African Peace University (PAPU) will be established in Africa (most likely in the DRC) and that it will be open to all Africans”.

This project wants to make this dream a reality. Centre Resolution Conflicts (CRC is now at the first stage. We are conducting an online Consultation about the feasibility of setting up a Pan-African Peace University (PAPU) in the DR Congo. We would like to find out what people think about the effects the PAPU may have on the future of the DRC and how can academically and morally-trained national leadership help the African states resolve peacefully their conflicts tomorrow. Can a Conflict Resolution training in academic level change the mentality of people in the DR Congo and in any other war-torn states in terms of cohabitation and mutual acceptance, and therefore the end of civil wars and its humanitarian disasters and of repetitive intervention of the United Nations on the continent, peacebuilding within communities and finally sustainable development of African states. The main objective of this investigation is to find out if there is a correlation between setting up a Peace University in the DR Congo and these variables above. Your views are very important for us (see the Questionnaire below). Therefore your participation to this research is highly appreciated.

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