For the achievement of these objectives, the following are the strategies (activities) of CRC:

  1. -Advocacy and campaigning for the oppressed and the vulnerable (the poor, refugees and asylum seekers, women (case of raped girls and women in the DRC) etc.);
  2. -Capacity Building activities (for community groups locally and globally - online) to help them reduce prejudices, resolve any conflict and promote togetherness (community cohesion) in order to reduce poverty and work to improve their life conditions (sustainable development);
  3. -Conferences and events to celebrate achievements or to continue campaigning (Black History Month, Congo Week) or remembering conflict & peace events of the past for learning for the future (genocide/holocaust, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, International Women Day, International Peace Day, World Environment Day, International mental Health Day, etc.);
  4. -Cultural maintenance & interactions;
  5. -Mediation (Personal & Inter-personal)
  6. -Peace Education using music as a tool (Peace Music Programme on and  Mussanzi family Choir for peace education;
  7. -Networking [IturiPeaceboat], [DRC4Peace], [Darfour4Peace]
  8. -Support of the vulnerable refugees & asylum seekers in partnership with churches and local NGOs (befriending and visit ministry, trauma healing and resilience);
  9. -Training about peace, conflict resolution in communities and related topics;
  10. -Newsletter: Victory Over Hatred (Victoire Sur la Haine).


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